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What Should Your Physical Therapy Evaluation Include?

When you have a nagging pain, figuring out what you need to do to alleviate it can be frustrating. After all, ibuprofen can only work so far. And in your busy life, figuring out what you need to do to recover is not always easy. Many times, you might think the route you have toContinue reading

4 Surprising Reasons You Should Consider Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be an extremely beneficial tool for a number of people. From physical therapy for athletes to physical therapy for the elderly, it can be used in a variety of ways. Although many people may think of physical therapy simply as a way to heal a sports injury or have physical rehabilitation, itContinue reading

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Needling Therapy

The term physical therapy refers to a broad spectrum of treatments and activities. While some may initially begin physical therapy following an injury, it is also used to treat illnesses or impairments that are inherent to a person’s makeup from the moment they are born. Physical therapy has expanded and grown over the decades, comingContinue reading

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me Recover From a Sports Injury?

Have you recently been injured and your doctor has concluded that you need physical therapy? Many times, athletes require physical therapy due to sports injuries from their chosen sport. Perhaps you have been in an accident and need physical rehabilitation. Either way, you need to choose the right physical therapy company that can truly assistContinue reading

Please DO NOT train without understanding this.

Why do we train? What’s the purpose or intent? Is it to sweat or get fit and swole? Yes, and no. “The only reason we train is to create the opportunity to recover.” – Larry Gaier What a beautifully simple and powerful phrase. When broken down, that’s all training is and when we don’t allow theContinue reading

Load versus capacity. The source of ALL pain and injury.

Throughout the history of mankind, every injury that has occurred can be traced back to a single culprit: The amount of load placed on the body exceeded the body’s capacity to handle it. Back pain, an ACL tear, “tight” traps. It doesn’t matter. Load exceeded capacity. To illustrate this, I want you to think of your body as anContinue reading

What it really means to be an “old” athlete.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about aging. Yes, once we hit about 35 years old, it is true that our VO2 max and stroke volume will incrementally diminish and we gradually lose muscle mass. However, this is all relative. Compared to a sedentary person, these declines happen more slowly for athletes. Use it or loseContinue reading

Mantras simply work. Here are a few of our favorites.

Mottos and mantras simply work. We use them all the time to effectively communicate our message and to serve as a reminder for what we’re trying to accomplish.Here are a few of our favorites: “Trust the process, chase the stimulus.” .If you could sum up the goal of our programming into a single phrase, it would beContinue reading

Do HOKAs live up to the hype?

Hokas have become incredibly popular as of late. They’re a “maximalist” shoe company that offers a ton of cushion in the heel or rearfoot. So is that a good or bad thing? It depends. It’s good if a runner is recovering from something like metatarsalgia or plantar fasciitis as the shoe will decrease pressure appliedContinue reading

Waiting is worse than failing.

Why? Why do we wait to do the things that can get us closer to our goals? We see an opportunity and think “sounds great, but maybe later.. when the timing’s right. Let me get through this month. Let me try this other thing first. When I’m ready.” Why do we wait? It’s simple: We’reContinue reading

Take time to appreciate your success.

Greediness can be a deterrent towards meeting goals. We win a race or hit a PR, and instead of indulging in the success, we want more. We get greedy. We get excited, seeing new possibilities. It’s easy to fall into the trap, but whenever a breakthrough occurs, the reaction shouldn’t be to drive forward butContinue reading

Taking a lesson from Pixar.

Jacky and I had a chance to sit down and watch a great documentary over the weekend. It’s called The Pixar Story, and it tells the story of how Pixar created, and essentially re-imagined, the animated film industry we know and love today.While a great documentary overall, there’s one part that stood out to me from the rest.Continue reading

Myths and Truths of the Pregnant Athlete

Being pregnant is an exciting and nerve-racking experience for a woman, and for athletes it can bring a whole world of unknown. How hard can I push? When should I scale back? And how soon can I return to training postpartum? I’m here to provide some insight and peace of mind to keep you andContinue reading

Good enough for now.

I want you to remember a product that was unappealing. Maybe an old couch that is cracked and torn, with strips of black tape holding it together.Or an old car that is well past its prime, soaked in rust and traveling on spare tires. Somewhere along the line, someone decided that “this is good enough for now.” The result?  A productContinue reading

Gardeners and farmers are better than you.

You may think you’re fit, and you probably are. But guess what? Your overall well-being probably isn’t as favorable as that of a gardener or a farmer, unless you are one. A team of researchers at VitalityPro analyzed data on dozens of different sportsmen and women, as well as studies on the overall well-being of various professionsContinue reading

What really hurts?

Pain is frustrating. Whether you’re an athlete or just trying to get through your day, chronic pain can be nagging, depressing, and debilitating. But what if I told you your pain might not be 100% biological? What if there was something you could do unrelated to traditional physical rehab that could decrease or eliminate yourContinue reading

Maximize the effects of training.

As physical therapists, we love helping athletes return to training at their full potential. However, we also love to dabble in the performance side of things, as well. For those looking for an edge, I commonly reference work completed by two of my favorite fitness specialists, Alex Hutchinson and Ben Greenfield. A few years agoContinue reading

Raise your expectations. You deserve better.

Hey %FIRSTNAME%, Society loves to lower expectations.We always compare performance on a relative basis.  ​​“Well, it’s better than it was yesterday…” Furthermore, we love to settle for a product that’s not as good as it could be, if given the attention to detail it deserves. “Well, it was ok… but I wasn’t crazy about…”​​​​​​​We have embracedContinue reading

Our post went viral, for the right reasons.

On Sunday, we made a post that featured one of our athletes and colleagues, Amanda Barnhart. The post received nearly 100 comments and over 1,000 likes as tokens of support for Amanda. The goal was not to be controversial or to create backlash. Our goal was only to bring awareness to the flaws of the fitness industry, in general.Continue reading

HIIT Training: Do Your Workouts Match Your Goals?

As athletes, we are constantly striving to push our bodies and minds in order to obtain a specific goal or title. In today’s society, it is easy to get caught up in the hottest fad in health and fitness, but the question always stands: will your training lead to your goal? Several physiological factors mustContinue reading

Quick note about the Super Bowl..

In case you missed it, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their record 6th title on Sunday night. As a result, Tom Brady has been officially crowned the G-O-A-T (Greatest of All Time) and the Patriots are a dynasty that will seemingly never go away. So the question is, a player and teamContinue reading

Great day of growth!

I hope you had a great weekend! We were lucky enough to be able to teach one of our favorite workshops on Saturday which we like to call “Train Smarter, Not Harder.” Overall, it was a great day of learning, discussion and growth from both the workshop and attendees and us, as well. Here areContinue reading

Pain is weird and complicated.

As you may have figured out by now, we do things a little bit differently at Pure Physio. For example, we love the topic of pain and see it as more of a complex puzzle than most in our industry give it credit for. We love studying it, treating it, and presenting workshops about it.  TheContinue reading

Why recovery is so important.

Recovering is something that I place a lot of of importance in when working with my athletes. For example, new research tells us that our risk for injury can be decreased by almost 50% if we get 9+ hours of sleep. Unrealistic? Maybe. But it doesn’t change the fact of how important it truly is.Continue reading

Want to recover faster? Read this.

I’m a sucker for performance and recovery hacks, research and frankly anything related to self-improvement.  Recently, I read a great article that I wanted to share with you. The article is titled “12 Ways to Recover From Anything” and was written by Men’s Health (sorry, I couldn’t find a website link). I paraphrased the article below. Enjoy: —- 1. GoingContinue reading

Your words matter.

Hey Ryan, The more we grow, the more we realize the importance of the quality of the services we provide. Our mission is to be a resource for those seeking a solution to their health-related problems: plain and simple. However, unlike other physical therapy and chiropractic clinics, we don’t receive many physician referrals. Our businessContinue reading

Trying is succeeding.

I love trying new things, but I’m often scrutinized for even using the term “trying.” Some say that “trying is preparing to fail.”Even Yoda famously once said, “No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”  I get it. Go all in. You’re either 0 or 100. The thing is, life doesn’t workContinue reading

My goal for 2019.

We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on those experiences. Reflecting back on 2018 is a way to celebrate the successes and accomplishments, but it also allows us to create goals and framework a plan for the future. Looking forward to 2019, my experiences will revolve around the process of creating. Primarily,Continue reading

My advice for preventing injuries.

I wanted to share with you an actual e-mail conversation between a patient and myself.  This patient is an elite runner with whom I’ve worked with in the past. She asks, “I have a question/ inquiry, I have been back to running as usual for few months now and things have been going great! IContinue reading

Play time is now more important than ever.

As professionals, parents, spouses and athletes it’s easy to get caught up in the “rat-race” trying to achieve the American dream. We rarely give ourselves permission to play because we feel we are being lazy or non-productive. Every now and then, make time for play. Play allows one to use their creativity while developing theirContinue reading

It’s not that complicated. Two things you need to succeed.

Taking our own advice would eliminate most of our problems. I may be biased, but I think that at Pure Physio we typically pass out pretty sound advice. The following elements are part of about 99% of the advice I see from competent coaches and clinicians: Be consistent. Success is the cumulative result of actions andContinue reading

This should always be your first step.

Goal setting is great and something we should all practice. However, in order to envision the achievement of our end goal, we must first have clarity. Defining purpose and intention should always be the first step. Without a strong foundation, it’s impossible to build a tower. Without clarity, it’s impossible to have great vision. Therefore, seek clarityContinue reading

One thing you should never be.

I hope you had a great weekend! Recently I’ve made it a goal of mine to become a better cyclist. Mountain biking, road biking, cyclocross, all of it. This past Saturday, I decided to take my first step in this journey and go on a group ride with a few friends of mine. These friendsContinue reading

Knowledge is wealth.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we’ve received since our recent “Train Smarter, Not Harder” workshop. The coaches and athletes in attendance have now begun using the knowledge and pieces of information they gained at the workshop to better themselves in and out of the gym. More importantly, they’ve now begun toContinue reading

Saturday was amazing!

We hosted our favorite workshop on Saturday (11/3) and it was truly an amazing day. However, I wasn’t expecting it to go as well as it did for one particular reason; Matt was unable to attend. Leading up to the event and throughout the week, Matt had been complaining of abdominal pain and cramping that turned out toContinue reading

4 very important things.

I wanted to share with you a recent post from Dr. Amanda. “Some seasons of life are tougher than others, but it’s ok, because life is always changing and everything will work out eventually, as long as you remember a few important things: 1. Be Kind- especially when it isn’t the easy answer 2. Be Honest- Never apologizeContinue reading

What would you do more of?

I have an interesting question to think about. What would you do more of if you didn’t have to worry about being perfect at it? A recent goal of mine has been to become more of a “Yes Man.” I’ve been too burdened by this notion of worry and fear of failure and instead have shiftedContinue reading

CrossFit and healthcare

Hello old friend, It’s me again. This weekend I read a very interesting article that I wanted to share with you. It’s about CrossFit and how its founder, Greg Glassman, is taking on healthcare. My favorite quote from the article is “Fuck injuries. You think we got to 15,000 boxes by hurting everyone?” CrossFit still has a negativeContinue reading

Are you adapting or optimizing? It can’t be both.

Are you adapting or optimizing?  There’s currently millions of dollar being pumped into the fitness world in attempt to help athletes recover faster, heal more efficiently and train even harder. Recovery is a very hot industry, with companies claiming that all aspects of injury and poor performance are related to recovery. Some would go so farContinue reading

RIP to a fitness pioneer.

Last week the fitness world received some bad news. Charles Poliquin, aka the Strength Sensai, died at the age of 57. Charles was controversial and edgy, but ultimately he was at the forefront of many progressive training methods that are commonly used today. One of my favorite quotes from Charles, and one that we useContinue reading

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Comparison is the thief of joy. This was a quote from Theodore Roosevelt and is one of my personal favorites. While it’s not the type of evil it’s often made out to be, social media can often be detrimental to our mental and physical health. When scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, people look like theyContinue reading

How to effectively make a change.

This weekend Matt and I traveled to Dayton, OH to present our “Train Smarter, Not Harder” workshop. One of the goals of the workshop is to identify weaknesses and imbalances that are common among fitness athletes. However, once the attending athletes identify these areas that need to be addressed, the next question is always “What doContinue reading

What does it mean to train smarter, not harder?

Do you know what it means to train smarter and not harder? Sure, the phrase itself is self-explanatory, but you do you really know what it means and how to apply it? This is a concept that we’ve discussed and presented on a lot over the past couple of years and know a lot about.Continue reading

How did you celebrate Labor Day?

Yesterday, if you didn’t know, was Labor Day. A day held in honor of working people. A day to remember those who have paved the way for the current structure of our society as we know it. In today’s world, and with today’s technology, choices are everywhere and we have the freedom to literally do,Continue reading

Why you should seek out conflict.

When you think of conflict, what comes to mind? Is it workplace drama between co-workers? A bar fight? Or simply a battle within yourself to avoid eating junk food? The idea of conflict has several meanings and interpretations but for me, it’s synonymous with a challenge or obstacle. Have you ever watched an episode ofContinue reading

Practice is everything.

I recently read a blog post that resonated with me and discusses something that I often preach to my patients and athletes. The following is taken from elite track coach Jonathan Marcus from his website You should definitely check it out. “Many practice, few have a practice. There is a difference. Practicing is the shallow waters ofContinue reading

Worried about taking time off? Here’s how.

Every sport has a time period that involves stepping away from the grueling demands of practice, training and competition. We call this the “off-season” and it’s designed to allow our bodies and minds the opportunity of returning back to a state of homeostasis. Sunday marked the end of the 2018 CrossFit Games and Matt wasContinue reading

There’s no such thing as “non-specific back pain.”

I once had a mentor ask me, “What percentage of the population has experienced back pain?” I foolishly guessed somewhere around 70%, when the correct answer was unequivocally 100%.Back pain is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives and sadly, it’s often dealt with incorrectly.The onset of back pain is followed by resting and inactivity andContinue reading

Eliminate your fluff.

In our “Train Smarter” workshops, we discuss some of the secrets used by elite athletes and CrossFitters.However, it’s less often a single aspect of training and more commonly a shared mindset: establish today’s purpose and eliminate the fluff.The most successful people in athletics, business or life often have this in common. They are masters at eliminatingContinue reading

Alternative Methods for Improving Endurance: Blood-Flow Restriction Training

Endurance, or the ability to continue despite fatigue, is a characteristic of sports performance that has been heavily discussed over the years. Whether you’re a triathlete or CrossFitter, optimizing endurance is often the key ingredient that elevates an athlete from mediocrity to greatness, while also enhancing health and longevity. However, building and improving endurance canContinue reading

What squatting and Advil have in common.

Let’s say, for hypothetical purposes, that you’re taking Advil for some joint-related pain you’ve been experiencing.However, instead of taking the recommended dosage, you decide to experiment with taking 20 tablets daily. Sure enough, this doesn’t work out very well and you begin to experience the side effects of nausea, liver dysfunction and kidney failure.Common senseContinue reading

The Easiest Way to Reduce Injury With Olympic Weightlifting.

Injuries will always occur and if research tells us anything, it’s that sports-related injuries have only continued to increase over the past decade. However, emphasis on maintaining quality technique and form with lifting movements is a methodology that can and should be implemented by all coaches and athletes. Therefore, that’s why it’s the easiest wayContinue reading

Stop trying to be perfect.

You’re not wrong, but stop trying to be perfect.Everything you’ve done up to this point has allowed you to become YOU.However, chasing perfectionism is ​​​​​wrong.The concept of perfectionism plays into the idea that we’re all equal. We should all have the same perfect training and perfect outcomes.We’re not. And it doesn’t work that way.With this mindset, you’llContinue reading

The #1 Key to Recovery

In the world of rehab and performance, the topic of recovery is always at the forefront. Everyone wants to know the latest hack or advancement in technology that will allow him or her to recover quicker and more effectively. However, it’s often the less glamorous facets of recovery (and training) that are most effective. SoContinue reading

The Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

The specificity rule of training tells us that in order to be better at our given sports, we need to train at that sport. So yes, the surest way to run better is to run, and if your time is limited, devote most of it to running. However, the fastest and most robust runners areContinue reading

“The Importance of Variety When Using Olympic Weightlifting With Athletes”

We know that the best way to get better at a particular sport is to train that sport. Therefore, if the goal is to make it to the Olympics as a competitive weightlifting athlete (i.e. Jessica Lucero), then prioritizing Olympic weightlifting would only make sense. However, for most athletes, Olympic lifting is just another effectiveContinue reading

Spring Running: 5 Ways to Run Healthy and Injury-Free

Spring Running: 5 Ways to Run Healthy and Injury-Free Fire up the grills and clean up the clutter, Spring is almost here! While it’s still a bit chilly, around this time of year is when you typically start to see more and more runners spilling out onto the roads like bears awakening from a goodContinue reading

3 Reasons Why Kettlebells Should Be A Part Of Every Program

Kettlebells are great strength training, rehab, and performance tools that have grown rapidly in popularity over the past five years. While once seen as another fitness fad, they’ve now become a staple in most training facilities and gyms throughout the US. From distance runners to CrossFit athletes to the elderly and geriatric population, everyone canContinue reading

Top 5 Exercises for Recovery Days

The above image is owned by Trainer Academy As with anything in life, finding the balance between doing too much and too little is often difficult. This concept is crucially important when discussing different aspects of recovery during training. One way we like to describe this relationship is by comparing the amount of work we’reContinue reading

3 Keys to Improving Foot Strength and Why

In rehab and performance, we often preach to train aspects of the body that are commonly underutilized. This could include physical training, perfecting a craft or skill, mental training, and so on. However, we could argue that training the feet is one of more commonly underappreciated aspects of most programs. In order to develop aContinue reading