Physical Therapy patient for dry needling

How Dry Needling Can Help with Muscular Pain

At Pure Physio in Strongsville, Ohio, our physical therapy team works routinely with patients of all ages and often see individuals who are struggling with managing chronic muscle pain or recovering from an injury—athletic or otherwise. With the help of our professionals, you can find treatment options that can help…

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Dry Needling for muscle knot

How can I benefit from Dry Needling?

Often when patients come in for their evaluation, we here at Pure Physio can evaluate if there is reduced function of the body region of interest and determine what underlying cause is creating that reduction in function. There are multiple reasons for bringing up the possibility of dry needling throughout…

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Woman getting dry needling treatment

What is Dry Needling?

In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in alternative therapies for pain management and overall wellness. Two such therapies that have gained popularity are acupuncture and dry needling. While they may seem similar due to the use of needles, they are fundamentally different in their approach, philosophy,…

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Man with sore red highlighted tennis elbow


Tennis elbow doesn’t only happen to the seasonal tennis players! It can affect anyone who strenuously continues to use the forearm muscles. The actual term “tennis elbow” refers to lateral epicondylitis; pain and inflammation occurring at the outside of the elbow. This can be caused by many different reasons including…

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IT Band Syndrome & How to Fix It

Most people are aware of where the IT band is, but do not understand the signs and symptoms of IT band pain. This discomfort can actually be caused by another region of the body. Feeling pain in the outside of the knee, top of the lower part of the leg,…

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Woman playing golf


As the greens are starting to open back up, it’s important to open that lower back too! Everyone focuses on the hips and shoulders, and yes, those joints play a large role in your golf swing. However, having appropriate lumbar mobility can actually take the stress off of your shoulders…

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Pregnant woman laying on her side

Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is a big word that is being tossed around these days a bit more than ever before, but do you know what it actually means? Diastasis Recti (known as DR) is a split in the lining of one of the core muscles, rectus abdominis….otherwise known as the “6-pack…

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Bent knee

Nagging Knee Pain

Do you experience pain in the topmost section of your knee or front of the knee cap with movements such as squatting, walking up or down stairs, running or jumping? You may be experiencing something known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or PFPS. The name patellofemoral pain syndrome comes from the…

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Exercise with ball

Return to Exercise Postpartum

Returning to exercise can be scary for anyone, especially for those who have a whole new body after having a baby. Following such an amazing journey of bringing a new life into this world, a lot of women have questions regarding a safe return to exercise. This is so important…

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man's shoulders

Shoulder Stability

The shoulder is a complex joint; it’s able to move in every plane of movement. This mobility benefits our daily activities and allows us to complete a multitude of tasks. However, this also means that our shoulders must be strong in all planes of movement. Therefore, shoulder stability is important…

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Woman with migraine


Did you know that physical therapy can reduce symptoms from a migraine? Many people suffer from debilitating migraines, causing them to have to skip work or school, not exercise for days and possibly put their life on pause due to severe symptoms migraines may cause. There is continued research as…

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