Why recovery is so important.

Recovering is something that I place a lot of of importance in when working with my athletes. For example, new research tells us that our risk for injury can be decreased by almost 50% if we get 9+ hours of sleep. Unrealistic? Maybe. But it doesn’t change the fact of how important it truly is. Contrary to popular belief, I … Read More

Worried about taking time off? Here’s how.

Every sport has a time period that involves stepping away from the grueling demands of practice, training and competition. We call this the “off-season” and it’s designed to allow our bodies and minds the opportunity of returning back to a state of homeostasis. Sunday marked the end of the 2018 CrossFit Games and Matt was in attendance to help a … Read More

The #1 Key to Recovery

In the world of rehab and performance, the topic of recovery is always at the forefront. Everyone wants to know the latest hack or advancement in technology that will allow him or her to recover quicker and more effectively. However, it’s often the less glamorous facets of recovery (and training) that are most effective. So what’s #1 key to effective … Read More