Exercise with ball

Returning to exercise can be scary for anyone, especially for those who have a whole new body after having a baby. Following such an amazing journey of bringing a new life into this world, a lot of women have questions regarding a safe return to exercise. This is so important for not only the physical aspect, but also for the mental and emotional aspect. New hormones are being released, stamina and physical appearance has changed all have great effects on a woman’s journey post pregnancy.

Returning to an exercise regimen is very important to most new moms out there, but there is not much guidance for this aspect of the postpartum journey. All women experience diastasis recti (splitting of the core muscle) during pregnancy, to give the baby enough room to grow. This can cause problems later in life if the core strength is not regained properly, which affects returning to exercise safely. Most women have a lot of questions as to what is “safe” and when to begin. Now, a lot of factors play into the timing of return to exercise based on vaginal or cesarean section delivery precautions. With any form of delivery, it is so important to activate the core and improve function of the pelvic floor/core together. Before returning to any intense exercise (push-ups, burpees, running, cross fit, Pilates, etc.) start with these exercises!

Postpartum exercise1. Diaphragmatic Breathing 10 reps

2. Transversus Abdominis Activation 2×10

3. Dead Bugs 2×10

4. Modified Side Plank 2×10 each side

5. Sidelying Clamshells 2×10 each leg

Check out our latest Instagram post for proper performance of all exercises! If you have any further questions as to safe return to exercise or proper core activation make sure to ask your PT or our physical therapists at Pure Physio to prevent further injury and to optimize life with your new baby!