Running Evaluations

Running evaluations consist of a biomechanical assessment of the patients’ running form and a thorough musculoskeletal examination to address injury and performance issues. The biomechanical evaluation focuses on assessing joint integrity, balance, strength, foot structure, skeletal alignment and flexibility throughout the run and stride.

During the initial evaluation, patients receive:
History and running program review
Orthopedic examination
Video analysis of running mechanics

As running is a highly technical sport, your movement patterns and technique will be assessed first and corrections will be implemented. Following the treadmill and/or outdoor assessment, recommendations are made to maximize your running performance and minimize your risk of injury or pain. A personalized detailed training plan including training modifications, stretches, exercises and technique drills will be included.

Runner Benefits

Eliminate reoccurring pain while running
Decrease foot numbness and pain
Learn if you’re wearing the correct running shoe
Learn strengthening and flexibility exercises to remain injury free
Learn exercises to stabilize ankles, knees and hips
Get ideas for injury prevention
Receive advise and solutions for reoccurring injuries
Run longer distances without discomfort
Learn about running orthotics and if an orthotic could assist you in remaining injury free
Find out if your current orthotic is suitable for running
Receive running form analysis to improve your stride
Resume running and return to your training program
Determine how to proceed running without constant pain/stiffness
Biomechanical analysis for your knees to feel better

Most insurance carriers reimburse for this level of evaluation by a Physical Therapist.

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