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Your body is the only one you have, and with the rigors of activity within your daily life, pain can often manifest in ways that impede your ability to function. Pure Physio is your leading physical therapy team in Strongsville, OH, dedicated to reducing pain and increasing your quality of life. We use a range of techniques including manual therapy, corrective exercises and ART to enhance your ability to move.

Effective Neck and Back Pain Treatment in Strongsville, OH

Back and neck pain is one of the most common ailments reported by people across the U.S. today. This type of pain can manifest in a number of ways, including aches, sharp pains and cramps. With back and neck pain treatment in Strongsville, OH delivered by qualified therapists at Pure Physio, you can say goodbye to back pain for good.

We start by performing a full diagnostic exam that assesses your function and pain levels. Our back and neck pain treatment plan is designed in a tailor-made way that treats the specific cause of your pain rather than simply soothing the symptoms. Our back pain relief in Strongsville, OH is achieved using a range of manual therapies combined with specific exercises that correct the underlying cause.

Seek Treatment for Your Knees and Ankles with Physical Therapy

As we age, severe strain is placed on the joints of our knees and ankles, causing pain that restricts our ability to move. Pure Physio specializes in knee pain treatment in Strongsville, OH, that allows you to move freely throughout your daily routine. We focus on strength and imbalances within the bones, ligaments and muscles of the knee, providing relief that lasts.

Ankle pain treatment in Strongsville, OH is also offered by Pure Physio. As with knee treatments, we assess the functionality of your ankles, as well as any imbalances and strength deficits that you may be suffering. Through custom strength training and exercises, we correct the concern in your ankles that are impeding your ability to live without pain.

Learn How Active Release Therapy Can Increase Your Mobility

Though you may not be an avid athlete, the motions of your everyday life can take a serious toll on your body. Many people develop muscle and tissue tension as a result of repetitive motions and ergonomics. The pain that adhesions and fibrosis that develop from the overload that repetitive movements places on your tissues, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves can restrict your level of ability and movement. Pure Physio delivers high-quality active release therapy in Strongsville, OH, which allows you to regain the motion and flexibility that you once had.

Active release therapy (ART) is delivered using manual therapy that integrates a range of motions that place compressive, shear and tensile forces along the ligaments and tendons throughout your body. This sliding motion releases the pressure that your nerves and muscles build up to relieve pain and tightness. You will enjoy a higher level of flexibility while regaining the function that was lost from these aches and strains. If you are interested in learning more about ART, or wish to seek treatment for back, neck, ankle and knee pain, call today for an appointment at (440) 334-1315.