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Pure Physio is a privately-owned physical therapy company that is re-imagining what true patient care looks like. As athletes ourselves, our treatment model is designed to help those who live an active lifestyle; those who don’t sit back and let life happen but choose to be the very best version of themselves!

We specialize in providing 1-on-1 care, utilizing a whole-body approach to identify and treat to the “cause” of your injury to ensure that you can perform at your highest level and reduce your risk of injury. Our goal is to maximize your health and wellness because we believe you should live your life to the fullest without restraints.


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Our clients enjoy state-of-the art equipment, a passionate team of therapists, and education that empowers.


Our services dig down to a deep connection with your physical therapist to help you uncover why your problems are problems.

Performance Workshops

We deliver our message in a way that allows coaches and athletes to implement our strategies and methodologies on their own.

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We’re athletes ourselves, we train hard, we have goals and love helping other achieve theirs no matter how big or small.

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Nick Bruce
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Christian Lucero
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