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Pure Endurance Workshop:
Proven Methods for Optimizing Aerobic Performance

Endurance, or the ability to continue despite fatigue, is an essential characteristic of sports performance.

Optimizing endurance is often the key ingredient that elevates an athlete from mediocrity to greatness, while also enhancing health and longevity.

“Pure Endurance” is a weekend workshop catered towards the CrossFit coach and athlete looking to improve his/her endurance, stamina and aerobic capacity.

We have a unique background of working primarily in the endurance world of distance running, triathlons and CrossFit, especially. As a result, we’ve blended this experience into a workshop that combines performance and optimization into a weekend of advanced endurance methods and teaching.

Topic highlights from the 2-day workshop include:

  • Performance Tools Used by Elite CrossFitters
  • Pacing and Programming Strategies
  • Training Zones, Testing & Implementation
  • “Hacks” for Optimizing Endurance
  • Polarized Training and Periodization
  • Principles of Fitness & Fatigue
  • Strength vs Stamina, Methods for Performance Enhancement

Locations and dates:

Erie Shore CrossFit – 1/26/19


Train Smarter, Not Harder Workshop

This is a 2-day workshop focused on the core principles of effective and efficient training. The goal of the workshop is to foster a change in mindset away from “training at 120%, all the time, is the best way to achieve optimal results.”

We have been involved in the CrossFit landscape, both locally and nationally, for years now and have had the privilege of working some elite athletes such as Julie Foucher, Christian Lucero and Jessica Lucero, Scott Panchik, Brooke Wells, and Jenn Smith, among others.

This has allowed us to develop a system focused around optimizing the CrossFit athlete both in terms of performance enhancement but also overall health and longevity.

We’ve combined this system into the “Train Smarter, Not Harder” workshop.

Topic highlights from the 1 or 2-day workshop include:

  • Hierarchy of needs for the fitness athlete
  • Methods of self-assessment
  • Performance tricks used by the elite CrossFitters
  • Programming methods
  • Training variations for the injured athlete
  • Lifting variations and assessment for both lower extremity and upper extremity

Our goal for this workshop is to continue facilitating the growth of CrossFit while also fostering the mindset that there are better and more efficient ways of training compared to what we are currently seeing.

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