Myths and Truths of the Pregnant Athlete

Being pregnant is an exciting and nerve-racking experience for a woman, and for athletes it can bring a whole world of unknown. How hard can I push? When should I scale back? And how soon can I return to training postpartum? I’m here to provide some insight and peace of mind to keep you and your baby in the game, … Read More

Our post went viral, for the right reasons.

On Sunday, we made a post that featured one of our athletes and colleagues, Amanda Barnhart. The post received nearly 100 comments and over 1,000 likes as tokens of support for Amanda. The goal was not to be controversial or to create backlash. Our goal was only to bring awareness to the flaws of the fitness industry, in general. You can see the post … Read More

Great day of growth!

I hope you had a great weekend! We were lucky enough to be able to teach one of our favorite workshops on Saturday which we like to call “Train Smarter, Not Harder.” Overall, it was a great day of learning, discussion and growth from both the workshop and attendees and us, as well. Here are a few testimonials from the … Read More

CrossFit and healthcare

Hello old friend, It’s me again. This weekend I read a very interesting article that I wanted to share with you. It’s about CrossFit and how its founder, Greg Glassman, is taking on healthcare. My favorite quote from the article is “Fuck injuries. You think we got to 15,000 boxes by hurting everyone?” CrossFit still has a negative stigma throughout society but it … Read More