Why do we train?

What’s the purpose or intent? Is it to sweat or get fit and swole? Yes, and no.

“The only reason we train is to create the opportunity to recover.” – Larry Gaier

What a beautifully simple and powerful phrase.

When broken down, that’s all training is and when we don’t allow the body to reap the benefits of training through rest and recovery then it’s all for naught.

Coming to this realization is the key to staying healthy, breaking through plateaus and seeing continued growth and progress.

If you train, you must recover in the same way that if you withdraw money from the bank, you better re-invest something back into it.

“Strength training is in the gym, strength GAINING is made on rest days.”

Please take this to heart and appreciate that rest and recovery is just as important, if not more important, than training in of itself.

There yah go. You now have permission to chill out and enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday. You’ve earned it.

Niners by 12.