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Have you recently been injured and your doctor has concluded that you need physical therapy? Many times, athletes require physical therapy due to sports injuries from their chosen sport. Perhaps you have been in an accident and need physical rehabilitation. Either way, you need to choose the right physical therapy company that can truly assist with therapy.

It takes a clinic that has re-imagined patient care. The best physical therapy comes from therapists that are also athletes. They have a better understanding of what it is like to have an active lifestyle and can assist you better with your recovery. A recent study has shown that physical therapy lowers treatment costs by up to 72%, making it an ideal option.

It Takes a Whole-Body Approach

When a whole-body approach to physical therapy is utilized, you are sure to receive top one-on-one care that focuses on identifying and treating the core of an injury. Sports therapy can help target the exact area of your injury to help you return to a high level of performance. Physical therapy helps to maximize wellness and health so you can live an active life without any restrictions.

A Customized Therapy Program Is Best

Physical therapy can be customized to fit your specific needs. It encourages lifestyle changes that will improve your well-being and health as well as prevent further injuries. Your primary care doctor may refer you to a Cleveland physical therapy clinic at the initial sign of a problem. Physical therapy itself is a great approach when it comes to managing certain mobility problems. There are actually many ways that therapy of the physical nature can benefit you.

Therapeutic exercises help to avoid surgery: If you try physical therapy and it helps heal an injury or eliminates pain, you may not need surgery. In some cases, you may still need surgery but pre-surgery physical therapy would still benefit you. Having the opportunity to go into surgery in better shape can help you to recover quickly.

  • Reduce pain or even eliminate it: When you are seriously in pain, you want to try to reduce the pain or eliminate it altogether. Soft tissues and joint treatments including electrical stimulation, taping, or ultrasound can relieve pain while restoring joint and muscle functions to reduce any pain. These types of therapies could also prevent the pain from coming back.
  • Physical therapy can restore mobility: Do you have trouble with walking, standing, or moving? Mobility issues can hit anyone at any age. The strengthening and stretching of physical therapy will restore the ability to move. An individual care plan can be customized to get you on track, so you enjoy stronger mobility. Many activities can be adapted and practiced so you enjoy maximum safety and performance.
  • Prevent future injuries: Prevention is the key when it comes to staying physically fit while enjoying your favorite sports. An appropriate prevention exercise program ensures that you can keep on performing your best. The same goes if you have been injured while training. A recovery program can be put in place that gets you back into the sports you love.

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There is a long list of benefits when it comes to physical therapy. It can help people recover from sports injuries, improve balance, prevent falls, manage vascular conditions, age-related issues, lung and heart disease, diabetes, and much more. To learn more about how physical therapy can help you, contact Pure Physio today.  Our website details the services we provide and allows you to schedule a free fifteen-minute phone consultation.