To train or not to train: the recovery spectrum explained.

Picture this…you wake up on your fourth training day of the week, you’re feeling tired and run-down as you’ve been averaging about six hours of sleep each night. You haven’t found time to meal prep this week, so diet hasn’t been great to say the least. On top of that, your shoulder has been achy and painful since day two, … Read More

Taking a lesson from Pixar.

Jacky and I had a chance to sit down and watch a great documentary over the weekend. It’s called The Pixar Story, and it tells the story of how Pixar created, and essentially re-imagined, the animated film industry we know and love today.While a great documentary overall, there’s one part that stood out to me from the rest. Pixar found early success, producing films … Read More

Maximize the effects of training.

As physical therapists, we love helping athletes return to training at their full potential. However, we also love to dabble in the performance side of things, as well. For those looking for an edge, I commonly reference work completed by two of my favorite fitness specialists, Alex Hutchinson and Ben Greenfield. A few years ago Alex wrote an article titled … Read More

Raise your expectations. You deserve better.

Hey %FIRSTNAME%, Society loves to lower expectations.We always compare performance on a relative basis.  ​​“Well, it’s better than it was yesterday…” Furthermore, we love to settle for a product that’s not as good as it could be, if given the attention to detail it deserves. “Well, it was ok… but I wasn’t crazy about…”​​​​​​​We have embraced a strategy of always lowering … Read More

HIIT Training: Do Your Workouts Match Your Goals?

As athletes, we are constantly striving to push our bodies and minds in order to obtain a specific goal or title. In today’s society, it is easy to get caught up in the hottest fad in health and fitness, but the question always stands: will your training lead to your goal? Several physiological factors must come together in order to … Read More

Quick note about the Super Bowl..

In case you missed it, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their record 6th title on Sunday night. As a result, Tom Brady has been officially crowned the G-O-A-T (Greatest of All Time) and the Patriots are a dynasty that will seemingly never go away. So the question is, a player and team that good… Why are they so … Read More

Want to recover faster? Read this.

I’m a sucker for performance and recovery hacks, research and frankly anything related to self-improvement.  Recently, I read a great article that I wanted to share with you. The article is titled “12 Ways to Recover From Anything” and was written by Men’s Health (sorry, I couldn’t find a website link). I paraphrased the article below. Enjoy: —- 1. Going through a tough breakup? Scientists … Read More

Your words matter.

Hey Ryan, The more we grow, the more we realize the importance of the quality of the services we provide. Our mission is to be a resource for those seeking a solution to their health-related problems: plain and simple. However, unlike other physical therapy and chiropractic clinics, we don’t receive many physician referrals. Our business is primarily generated from word … Read More

Trying is succeeding.

I love trying new things, but I’m often scrutinized for even using the term “trying.” Some say that “trying is preparing to fail.”Even Yoda famously once said, “No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”  I get it. Go all in. You’re either 0 or 100. The thing is, life doesn’t work that way. We have our … Read More

It’s not that complicated. Two things you need to succeed.

Taking our own advice would eliminate most of our problems. I may be biased, but I think that at Pure Physio we typically pass out pretty sound advice. The following elements are part of about 99% of the advice I see from competent coaches and clinicians: Be consistent. Success is the cumulative result of actions and choices over the long term. … Read More