When you think of conflict, what comes to mind?

Is it workplace drama between co-workers? A bar fight? Or simply a battle within yourself to avoid eating junk food?

The idea of conflict has several meanings and interpretations but for me, it’s synonymous with a challenge or obstacle.

Have you ever watched an episode of “America’s Got Talent” or “American Idol” and instantly fell in love with one of the contestants? Most likely, it’s a contestant that has a compelling backstory. One that involves overcoming conflict or hardship in the form of poverty or loss of a loved one.

Those who seek out conflict are interesting. They welcome challenge and see it as an opportunity for growth, rather than a deterrent towards their goals.

It’s tempting to take the easy route but as they say, it’s often the road less traveled that presents the most opportunities.

In the world of neuroscience there’s a saying “neurons that fire together, wire together.”

The more you do something, or make a certain choice, you actually strengthen your capacity to do it again the next time. And it works for the opposite, as well. If you are to avoid conflict or say no when the going gets tough, you’re more likely to fold the next time and the next time.

If you push through it today, eat healthy today, do something positive today, you’ll be more likely to build upon that moving forward.

Creating new habits can be unbearable, then they’re uncomfortable, and then finally you become unbreakable.

Instead of avoiding conflict, challenge or uncertainty, seek it out. View it as an opportunity to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.

At the very least, you’ll become interesting to those around you, and increase your chances of moving through on “America’s Got Talent.”

Masterfully creating conflict,