Yesterday, if you didn’t know, was Labor Day.

A day held in honor of working people.

A day to remember those who have paved the way for the current structure of our society as we know it.

In today’s world, and with today’s technology, choices are everywhere and we have the freedom to literally do, or be, whatever we want.

At Pure Physio, we choose to practice our freedom by helping others become pain-free, perform to their highest potentials and find their truest selves.

It’s work that we believe in and work that matters to us.

We take responsibility for the opportunities given to us and attempt to create positive change for those who seek our services.

We all have our own unique calling and the word “work” has a different meaning to each of us.

My parents, for example, chose the path of education and coaching. They’ve been molding students and athletes into responsible and successful adults for the better part of 40 years.

No matter the case, we should celebrate each passing Labor Day with a sense of purpose and pride, by completing work that we’re passionate about and work that truly makes us come alive.

That is ultimately the best way, in my opinion, to be mindful of those who have opened the doors for so many of us.

Hardly working,