Do you know what it means to train smarter and not harder?

Sure, the phrase itself is self-explanatory, but you do you really know what it means and how to apply it?

This is a concept that we’ve discussed and presented on a lot over the past couple of years and know a lot about. However, we’re still learning ourselves.

It’s a concept that, while seemingly simple, actually has many layers and applications.

We’ve taken this methodology of “training smarter” and broken it down into fundamental pieces that can be applied to yourself and/or anyone you work with.

These pieces will allow you to continue to train and exercise, to your highest potential, without the added side effects of over-training, injuries and aches/pains that will sideline you for years to come.

For lack of originality, we call this workshop “Train Smarter, Not Harder” and are presenting it over the next couple of months.

We’ll be at Centerville CrossFit (Dayton, OH) for a 1-day workshop on September 22nd and Wolverine Strength and Conditioning (Ann Arbor, MI) for a 2-day workshop on November 17-18.

If interested, and you should be, you can register here for these workshops.

Final note, we’ve recently added CrossFit Games athlete and physical therapist Dr. Amanda Barnhart onto our staff here at Pure Physio.

At our workshops mentioned above, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from and train with Amanda.

Don’t miss out.

Until next week,