I recently read a blog post that resonated with me and discusses something that I often preach to my patients and athletes.

The following is taken from elite track coach Jonathan Marcus from his website HighPerformanceWest.com. You should definitely check it out.

“Many practice, few have a practice.
There is a difference.
Practicing is the shallow waters of having a practice.
Most practice for a short-term goal such as running faster, hitting qualifying mark, competing for a win.
Few play the long game. This is the heart of having a practice. Day in and day out the practitioner shows up. They take risks. Efforts might work, might not. But the outcome is not the primary concern, in fact, it is the last.
The focus is on doing the work. Refining the craft. Daily. Without absence. Because it is better work which is the reward. Not a momentary victory or cheap token of status.
So ask the question, “Am I merely practicing or do I have a practice?”
If you show up when it is hard, when things aren’t going your way, if you experiment, are curious, and not consumed by outcomes, you have a practice.
And if these aren’t reasons which currently fuel your efforts, you may be only practicing.
But as luck would have it, practicing is the first step towards developing a practice.”

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