I have an interesting question to think about.

What would you do more of if you didn’t have to worry about being perfect at it?

A recent goal of mine has been to become more of a “Yes Man.”

I’ve been too burdened by this notion of worry and fear of failure and instead have shifted my mindset.

I feel like we as a society never start the things that could potentially be a source of true happiness in our lives.

We see perfectionism as the “cover fee” towards pursuing an activity rather than the end goal.

We create false beliefs and illusions of embarrassment that prevent us from ever stepping off the beaten path.

There’s no pressure to take action, but I encourage you to ponder this question throughout this week.

Maybe you’ll find a creative inspiration and decide to start something new.

Maybe that something new will blossom into a new hobby, or even career path, that you never expected in your wildest dreams.

Don’t let “perfect” stop you.