woman's shoulders rised

Overhead activities, such as throwing a ball, reaching for a high shelf, or performing an overhead press, require significant mobility and stability in the shoulder joint. The shoulder is a complex joint that is capable of a wide range of motion, but is also susceptible to injury and pain when the mobility is limited.

We know that stability is important for weight bearing activities, power through the arm with throwing and overhead exercises (and other various activities), so why is having shoulder mobility also very important?

Having appropriate shoulder mobility allows the arm to move freely and painlessly through-out whatever motion we are trying to complete. The proper name for the shoulder is the Glenohumeral joint (GHJ), referring to the junction between the arm (humerus) and scapula (glenoid cavity). When it comes to the shoulder, many don’t realize that not only do we need proper mobility of the arm, but also of the scapula.

The scapula has many muscles attached to the various borders of the bone (latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, lower/middle/upper trap, levator scap), causing different pulls on the scapula, and therefore the shoulder joint itself.

Improving shoulder mobility usually requires stretching and mobility of the mid-back alongside the shoulder joint itself.
Appropriate exercises to start improving your shoulder mobility include:

Kneeling shoulder mobility

Thoracic Rotations

Wall Angels

Apley Stretch


Being aware of your range of motion and/or compensation. Both are extremely important for the health of your joints! Always refer to your physical therapist for further evaluation to ensure you are performing these exercises appropriately and effectively for your body! If you suspect you might have shoulder mobility issues, contact us today and schedule a consultation. The therapists at Pure Physio can help determine the proper therapy for you and answer any questions you might have about your shoulder or other related conditions.