Hello old friend,

It’s me again.

This weekend I read a very interesting article that I wanted to share with you.

It’s about CrossFit and how its founder, Greg Glassman, is taking on healthcare.

My favorite quote from the article is “Fuck injuries. You think we got to 15,000 boxes by hurting everyone?”

CrossFit still has a negative stigma throughout society but it really is a revolutionary form of fitness, if done correctly.

The mission of CrossFit is to promote healthy lifestyle choices in terms of diet, exercise, and community engagement that can prevent chronic disease, the greatest health crisis facing the world today.

However, there is one issue. 

CrossFit gyms (boxes) must follow a well-rounded program designed for the masses.

Lost in the scuffle is the concept of individualization. It assumes that all athletes are the same when it’s really the complete opposite. We’re all different athletes, with different backgrounds, and we all need a unique formula designed for us specifically.

This is where we at Pure Physio really thrive.

We accept CrossFit for what it is. Ground-breaking, revolutionary and very effective… but we give it the “personalized touch” that it deserves.

Through our online programming, we work with CrossFitters, endurance athletes, runners, etc. so that they continue to train, but without risking injury and other side effects.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in something like this, feel free to reach out.

As always, our goal is to be a resource for you in whatever form is needed. But we can’t help unless we’re called upon.

Have an awesome weekend,