In the world of rehab and performance, the topic of recovery is always at the forefront.

Everyone wants to know the latest hack or advancement in technology that will allow him or her to recover quicker and more effectively.

However, it’s often the less glamorous facets of recovery (and training) that are most effective.

So what’s #1 key to effective recovery? Listening to your body.

When we work with athletes who are combating injuries, what we often see is that their current issues aren’t related to over-training, but rather a result of complex and multi-factorial under-recovering.

On top of that, they’ve lost all sense of body awareness and instead replaced it with numbers from their Whoop bracelets.

You can only get better from a training stimulus that you can recover from.

It’s our responsibility as autonomous human beings to identify when training is driving our bodies into the ground beyond the ability of repair and recovery. It starts with taking a look in the mirror (cue the MJ music) to identify and reflect on what our body needs, and doesn’t need, every. single. day.

At Pure Physio, our goal and mission is to be a compass for those seeking guidance in all things rehab and performance.

This concept, among others, is a highlight of our “Train Smarter, Not Harder” workshop that we’ll be rolling out again later this summer. If you have any interest in attending, or hosting, this event, let us know!

Talk soon,