Recovery stretching

Some of us are great about completing an entire recovery routine (or at least cool down routine) following a workout, but do we really know why we should be implementing the things we do?

Exercise often results in muscle fatigue, as well as increases lactic acid build up in the muscles. To allow optimal recovery between working out, the muscles require rest and time to repair to gain the most strength before being utilized again.

In theory that sounds GREAT, right? Well, most of the active population (all our patients) love to continue to exercise in some way or another almost every day of the week. So how can you help your body recover without having too many days off?

Recovery massage


    1. Walking. Keep your body moving without over challenging your muscles. Our muscles are natural pumps in the body, they keep blood flowing 
    2. Massage gun. Yes, they are worth the hype. Massage guns (when used properly) will increase blood flow to the muscle, helping to improve the repair process of the muscles.
    3. Mobility. Following a workout (or on those lighter exercise days), adding in mobility is a fantastic way to keep joints moving and have nutrient rich properties that reach tissues that need repair. 
    4. Active stretching. Though many of you know that static stretching will increase flexibility, keeping your muscles moving into those lengthened positions will also improve flexibility, as well as promote blood flow to the tissues that have just been worked out. 


To achieve the best recovery and to make sure you are doing what is best for YOUR body, be sure to ask your physical therapist for the exercises, active stretches, and what areas of your body to focus on. Everyone’s body is different, and we need YOU to achieve YOUR highest level of fitness!