Are you adapting or optimizing? It can’t be both.

Are you adapting or optimizing?  There’s currently millions of dollar being pumped into the fitness world in attempt to help athletes recover faster, heal more efficiently and train even harder. Recovery is a very hot industry, with companies claiming that all aspects of injury and poor performance are related to recovery. Some would go so far as to say that there … Read More

RIP to a fitness pioneer.

Last week the fitness world received some bad news. Charles Poliquin, aka the Strength Sensai, died at the age of 57. Charles was controversial and edgy, but ultimately he was at the forefront of many progressive training methods that are commonly used today. One of my favorite quotes from Charles, and one that we use in our workshops, is that “strength … Read More

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Comparison is the thief of joy. This was a quote from Theodore Roosevelt and is one of my personal favorites. While it’s not the type of evil it’s often made out to be, social media can often be detrimental to our mental and physical health. When scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, people look like they have a much better life … Read More

How to effectively make a change.

This weekend Matt and I traveled to Dayton, OH to present our “Train Smarter, Not Harder” workshop. One of the goals of the workshop is to identify weaknesses and imbalances that are common among fitness athletes. However, once the attending athletes identify these areas that need to be addressed, the next question is always “What do I do now?”Matt concluded the … Read More

What does it mean to train smarter, not harder?

Do you know what it means to train smarter and not harder? Sure, the phrase itself is self-explanatory, but you do you really know what it means and how to apply it? This is a concept that we’ve discussed and presented on a lot over the past couple of years and know a lot about. However, we’re still learning ourselves. … Read More

How did you celebrate Labor Day?

Yesterday, if you didn’t know, was Labor Day. A day held in honor of working people. A day to remember those who have paved the way for the current structure of our society as we know it. In today’s world, and with today’s technology, choices are everywhere and we have the freedom to literally do, or be, whatever we want. … Read More

Why you should seek out conflict.

When you think of conflict, what comes to mind? Is it workplace drama between co-workers? A bar fight? Or simply a battle within yourself to avoid eating junk food? The idea of conflict has several meanings and interpretations but for me, it’s synonymous with a challenge or obstacle. Have you ever watched an episode of “America’s Got Talent” or “American … Read More

Practice is everything.

I recently read a blog post that resonated with me and discusses something that I often preach to my patients and athletes. The following is taken from elite track coach Jonathan Marcus from his website You should definitely check it out. “Many practice, few have a practice. There is a difference. Practicing is the shallow waters of having a practice. Most practice … Read More

Worried about taking time off? Here’s how.

Every sport has a time period that involves stepping away from the grueling demands of practice, training and competition. We call this the “off-season” and it’s designed to allow our bodies and minds the opportunity of returning back to a state of homeostasis. Sunday marked the end of the 2018 CrossFit Games and Matt was in attendance to help a … Read More

There’s no such thing as “non-specific back pain.”

I once had a mentor ask me, “What percentage of the population has experienced back pain?” I foolishly guessed somewhere around 70%, when the correct answer was unequivocally 100%.Back pain is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives and sadly, it’s often dealt with incorrectly.The onset of back pain is followed by resting and inactivity and finally a trip to the … Read More