I want you to remember a product that was unappealing.

Maybe an old couch that is cracked and torn, with strips of black tape holding it together.Or an old car that is well past its prime, soaked in rust and traveling on spare tires.

Somewhere along the line, someone decided that “this is good enough for now.”

The result? 

A product that is certainly not up to the standards of what may be deemed a “nice” couch or car.

“This is good enough for now” is how we find ourselves on the road to decay.

The first person who put that piece of tape on the couch created a trend that said “this is ok” and everyone else followed, layering on slab after slab.

Tomorrow never had a chance.

Set a standard for today and eliminate the mindset of temporary mediocrity.

It either is or it isn’t. The gray zone of “ehh” (shrugs shoulders) doesn’t exist for you anymore.

The alternative? What seems ok for now, may be less than ideal in the future.

Have an amazing week,