You may think you’re fit, and you probably are.

But guess what? Your overall well-being probably isn’t as favorable as that of a gardener or a farmer, unless you are one.

A team of researchers at VitalityPro analyzed data on dozens of different sportsmen and women, as well as studies on the overall well-being of various professions with all kinds of hobbies.

They found that two groups consistently stood out. Triathletes? Nope. Track stars? Guess again.

With numerous health and fitness factors taken into account, it was farmers and gardeners who came out on top.

They believed that there are several contributing factors:

  • They are outside most of the time
  • They’re constantly moving
  • They have to get into a wide range of positions
  • Throughout the day they have a few instances of activity that’s either high intensity or requires them to lift and carry something heavy
  • They’re a part of tight-knit communities
  • They get satisfaction from the results of a job well done

Want to improve your well-being?

Implement some of these tricks from farmers and gardeners.

They’re obviously doing something right.