Mottos and mantras simply work. We use them all the time to effectively communicate our message and to serve as a reminder for what we’re trying to accomplish.

Here are a few of our favorites:

“Trust the process, chase the stimulus.”

If you could sum up the goal of our programming into a single phrase, it would be that.
Sometimes it feels as if progress isn’t being made, or as if there’s no reasoning behind a specific exercise or workout.
In these instances, we remind our athletes and clients to keep this simple phrase in mind.

“Train to improve, compete to win.”

Training and competing have two different objectives. Don’t get the two confused.
The stimulus of training may not always resemble competition. But that’s not the goal.
The goal is to improve each and every day with competing being an occasional test of that improvement and progress.
Appreciate the difference, and reap the benefits.

“Mood follows action”
Applicable in sport and life.

Rather than waiting to ‘feel like’ doing something, the surest way to shift out of your discomfort or resistance is to lean into action.

It’s in the doing that we alter our perspective and emotional state—not the other way around.

What are some of your favorites? Let me know and maybe we’ll use it in the future!