Woman playing golf

As the greens are starting to open back up, it’s important to open that lower back too! Everyone focuses on the hips and shoulders, and yes, those joints play a large role in your golf swing. However, having appropriate lumbar mobility can actually take the stress off of your shoulders and hips (and maybe help you get closer to the green!).
Each year as spring comes around, clubs start swinging and come midsummer the back pain gets worse with each round. Trying to return right away to the previous level of activity of last fall tends to cause these aches and pain to return and may cause injury. However, being aware of your current level of mobility and strength will help prevent recurring pain from returning so quickly, and will keep you out on the course all summer long.

Try these effective exercises to improve your swing and reduce your risk of injury:

1. Dead Bugs & Planks: Boosting your core strength will improve posture and reduced load of the muscles in the lower back while attempting to get through full range of the swing

2. Lumbar Rotations: Completing this simple exercise improves your mobility of lumbar vertebrae with low stress on the discs and muscles of the spine

3. Wall Rainbows: incorporating thoracic mobility will protect your low back

Prevention and maintenance are key for those seasonal athletes that want to keep their body strong throughout the season! As always, if you are feeling that you need further evaluation, feel that you are compensating, then ask your PT for sport specific evaluation or contact us to ensure your body is ready!