In case you missed it, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their record 6th title on Sunday night.

As a result, Tom Brady has been officially crowned the G-O-A-T (Greatest of All Time) and the Patriots are a dynasty that will seemingly never go away.

So the question is, a player and team that good… Why are they so hated by everyone? 

To put it bluntly, people love to praise mediocrity while they fear achieving greatness. 

So when they see greatest in the form of Tom Brady, who resembles the corny dad who lives down the street, it’s easy to replace fear and jealousy with hate and excuses.

They turn a blind eye to his process of watching thousands of hours of boring game film and instead label him a “cheater” who “gets lucky.”
It’s the same reason why the Golden State Warriors are widely considered the villains of the NBA? 

When we see Steph Curry, the “baby-faced assassin” who looks like us, and runs and jumps like us, but does things that seem impossible, our first instinct is to blame and insult as a means to blanket the inferiority complex that lies below.

But I have good news for you.

While this is not intended to be a motivational “rah-rah” piece, the truth is that you can achieve greatness and have no reason to fear accomplishing the goals that often seem irrational and out of sight.

All it takes is a focused effort of doing something every day that moves the needle in the right direction.

So when Jimmy down the hall gets the promotion he’s been gunning for, celebrate Jimmy’s victory without jealousy and use his success as motivation to fuel your growth.

Shun mediocrity and praise greatness when you see it. After all, you’re never gonna see the likes of Tom Brady EVER again.

Moving the needle,