We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we’ve received since our recent “Train Smarter, Not Harder” workshop.

The coaches and athletes in attendance have now begun using the knowledge and pieces of information they gained at the workshop to better themselves in and out of the gym.

More importantly, they’ve now begun to share our message, helping others around them use the core principles and training methodologies we teach at our workshop.

This message has spread so well, in fact, that we are happy to announce we will be teaching the workshop again in early 2019 at Erie Shore CrossFit on January 26th.

We’re incredibly fortunate to work with some of the premier gyms in Ohio.

The fact that they see the benefit of hosting our workshop just goes to show the value they place on health and fitness, but also staying injury-free and doing things the right way.

Remember, it’s what you know that is your greatest wealth and what you don’t know that is your greatest risk.

The more I continue to work as a coach, physical therapist and human being, in general, the more I continue to appreciate this quote.

Our continued growth at Pure Physio rests solely on the notion that we are cravers of knowledge and truly life-long learners.

This workshop, this newsletter, our social mediaYouTube, whatever it might be – these are all avenues for us to share what we know in order to better serve the community.

Don’t miss out.