Last week the fitness world received some bad news.

Charles Poliquin, aka the Strength Sensai, died at the age of 57.

Charles was controversial and edgy, but ultimately he was at the forefront of many progressive training methods that are commonly used today.

One of my favorite quotes from Charles, and one that we use in our workshops, is that “strength is gained in the range it’s trained.”

But what does that mean?

When discussing mobility and strength, Charles appreciated that in order to be strong in performing a certain movement or exercise, we first must be able to get through the full range of motion in which the movement will take place.

For example, we’ll never be able to be strong in the bottom of a squat if we first don’t possess the requisite mobility and flexibility to squat to full depth.

Simply put, if you don’t have the necessary flexibility to get into positions, then you cannot train those positions, and therefore you cannot be strong in those positions. As a result, you become more likely to be injured when you body needs to get into those positions.

We discuss this concept, and how it applies to you, at our workshops that you can register forhere.

We’re rounding out 2018 with two more in November.

November 3rd at Pure Physio

November 17-18 at Wolverine Strength and Conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI

Hope to see you there!