In our “Train Smarter” workshops, we discuss some of the secrets used by elite athletes and CrossFitters.

However, it’s less often a single aspect of training and more commonly a shared mindset: establish today’s purpose and eliminate the fluff.

The most successful people in athletics, business or life often have this in common. They are masters at eliminating the unnecessary from their lives.

Even when engaging in casual conversation they love using the words “PURPOSE” and “FOCUS.” 

Having purpose establishes the goal for that day while focus directs your energy towards achieving that goal.

he more focused you are, the more energy goes toward what you’re working on. Eliminating what’s unnecessary allows us to work harder on the things that are most important.

But here’s the issue that people face. How do we decide what’s necessary and important?

There’s a reason why coaches, advisers or counselors exist and sadly, they’re often underutilized.

If you’re interested in this idea of “eliminating the fluff” and truly making some improvements, let us know. We’d love to chat.